Kleen Lab at UCSF
We use computational neuroscience, machine learning, and signal processing to understand neural activity in the human brain related to cognition and epilepsy
Investigating Data From the Source
Recordings directly from human brain tissue give us a rare and incredible window into understanding both normal and abnormal neural activity.
Deciphering neural code
We use signal processing techniques and machine learning to understand human brain activity
Neural Activity Flow
We investigate how brain waves move through space and time, across the entire brain or important brain structures like the hippocampus
Visualizing Seizures in the Brain
We develop new #dataviz (data visualization) approaches to help doctors understand how seizures spread through the brain of individual patients
We are located at the Parnassus Campus of UCSF Medical Center, a global leader in clinical care and cutting edge research based in the heart of our incredible city, San Francisco.


The Kleen Lab is based in the Division of Epilepsy, and Department of Neurology, at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF). Jon Kleen MD PhD is the principal investigator and a neurologist, epileptologist and neuroscientist.

Our clinical and translational research program uses emerging technologies in computer science to make new discoveries about memory and cognition in humans, and how neurological diseases disrupt these crucial functions. 

We are humbled to work closely with leaders in human neurophysiology, bioengineering, computer science, and more. Together, we are advancing the understanding of neural processes that support the incredible cognitive abilities that define us as human beings, and developing new approaches to rescue them from disease.

Lab outing to Crane Cove in San Francisco, Autumn 2023


Looking for signal processing resources featured in the AES 2022 Signal Processing Investigator Workshop? 
"Extracting Neural Signals from Noise in Electrophysiological Data: Tools and Traps"
Speakers: Jon Kleen, Jeremy Barry, Tom Donoghue, Dora Hermes, Andrea Navas-Olive
All resources mentioned in this workshop and more can be found here, all open-source: AESsignalworkshop.github.io


Central Initiatives:

Neurophysiology of human memory

Cognitive impairment due to neurological disease

Neural activity flow in space and time



Kleen Lab